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News P.R.O. (engl)

Codine will exhibit at :
SITEM 2023 Fair (Paris) :
from 28 up to 30 march 2023, Carrousel du Louvre - Paris, Stand A10
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The LASER curtain range were still growing !!
To preserve your investment the range becomes scalable !

Codine introduced the smallest LASER sensors on the market for artworks protection !
only 20 mm thick !

Finally a miniature laser detector,
for maximum discretion!

Smaller, more aesthetic, cheaper but just as effective!
it’s all you’ve been waiting for !!

Available in White and Black

december 2 2015 :
Codine won the Trends Business Tour ,
through its innovation and sustainability qualities of the contest themes.
Prize awarded by the business Trends-Tendances magazine

About us (EN) ?

In Business since 1976, CODINE is a pioneer of Close Protection of Artworks (P.R.O.), seeking to promote the presence detection, active day and night, rather than traditional movements or other intrusion detectors. These movement detectors are, in fact, poorly efficient in P.R.O.. Too often however, this type of detectors are offered when the economic aspects prevail over real security of collections exhibited to the public.

CODINE designs, develops, manufactures and distributes a wide range of electronic solutions which include:

  • the different aspects of the prevention and protection against the malice of works and values exposed to the public - including preventive, dissuasive detection and removal.
  • means of preservation and protection of works during their transportation and storage.
  • aid for preventive conservation, through proven solutions related to the measurement and control of climate, which including: measurement of Temperature, humidity, Lux, UV, dust, Anoxia... and this within the spaces of exhibition but in the reserves or even during transport of works and collections.
  • CODINE accompanies each solution with services tailored to each stage of the life cycle of collections, from pre-study to user assistance through training in their implementation and ongoing maintenance.

Share the orientation of its activities, CODINE has a European vocation. Its headquarters is positioned in Belgium, strategic centre of the European Union, allowing it to promote its expertise across the subcontinent, accompanying artworks in transit and standardizing the means of detection and their management systems.

Perennial solutions... in all serenity!

CODINE solutions are robust, scalable and built to last, without need of maintenance contract or annual licensing fees, both solutions Codine regularly cross the tests of time without problems. The client remains master of his system and its investment without recurring costs.

Codine, it is also a network of installers trained to its innovative technologies and flexible designers upstream partners.

Sustainability: sustainability of our detectors has always been a priority for CODINE. In 1985, was asked to study the protection of an emblematic Museum: "the Rockoxhuis", House of the painter Rubens’s patron. At this time the term "computer" applies more to large systems to the personal computer, "internet" is almost unknown and non-existent GSM functions.

he first detectors COCOONS come to be developed and we equip the Museum, supplementing the detection device of a stand-alone management system linked to a radio network, innovative for the time! This robust system thus remained in operation like this until 2013. This year, nearly 30 years after the initial installation, the Manager of the Museum (the Bank KredietBank, now KBC, who knows what money means!) Decides to renovate the Museum to renew the attractiveness. Then arises the question of the choice of the new security system. After a long internal audit, it was decided to keep the electromagnetic "COCOON" type detectors, operational, and associate them with a modern radio based on our PLV3 power transmission. New detectors are added, such as our Mini-lasers, for security extensions. So a happy and harmonious marriage was organized between the old and new technologies developed by CODINE. The client preserves its investment it can evolve at any time about while retaining a system homogeneous at the forefront of progress and strongly adapted to the new needs of Close Protection of Artworks ( P.R.O.*)

*The acronym P.R.O. came from the french name of Close Protection of Artworks : "Protection Rapprochée ds Oeuvres"


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