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Codine will exhibit at :
SITEM 2023 Fair (Paris) :
from 28 up to 30 march 2023, Carrousel du Louvre - Paris, Stand A10
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The LASER curtain range were still growing !!
To preserve your investment the range becomes scalable !

Codine introduced the smallest LASER sensors on the market for artworks protection !
only 20 mm thick !

Finally a miniature laser detector,
for maximum discretion!

Smaller, more aesthetic, cheaper but just as effective!
it’s all you’ve been waiting for !!

Available in White and Black

december 2 2015 :
Codine won the Trends Business Tour ,
through its innovation and sustainability qualities of the contest themes.
Prize awarded by the business Trends-Tendances magazine

The company


Founded in 1976, initially as a service provider to the industry, we have expanded into prevention and our own designs, establishing ourselves firmly in the field of Close-up Detection for works or art, in which we are pioneers.

Based in Wavre, 30 km to the south of Brussels and the crossroads of Europe, the company is the European leader in discreet alarm systems for the prevention, protection and display of works of art for exhibition to the public. It is internationally renowned for its design of electromagnetic cocoons for the protection of our cultural heritage. It works on the principle of creating an invisible aura around the piece to be protected.

CODINE has also developped a broad range of Close protection of Artworks with the use of Laser curtain protection . Laser protection being the growing way of providing early protection, now at an really afordable price.

CODINE resolutely embarked on the production of specific detection systems for securing works of art exhibited in the presence of the public.

In the late 90s, Patrick Mayné joined Pierre Dumont to continue the development of this niche business.

Today CODINE is a key player in the Close Protection of works on the European continent but the company is also oriented in the preventive conservation market with the brand HANWELL solutions developed by IMC Group Co.

CODINE’s technology is the fruit of not less than 30 years of research and experimentation conducted in an industrial environment, to protect personnel exposed to dangerous machinery and in museums to detect attempts to vandalise objects on exhibition.

CODINE designs, develops, manufactures and distributes a vast panoply of electronic solutions to combat malevolent actions against works of art and valuables exhibited to the public, including preventive and dissuasive detection, and against removal.
Its designs lead the field and are used by the largest museums in the world, including the Louvre, the Crown Jewels, etc...

Internationally renowned, CODINE is present in the largest museums and edifices.

Since the first of September 2006, CODINE has moved to: 7c, av. Newton, ZI Nord de Wavre, (Belgium).


CODINE does not only provide a product or system. To guarantee its effectiveness, it offers efficient product support, adapted to each specific need of the solution that has been adopted.

In its activities CODINE is supported by a network of professional partners, proactive in the fields complementary to intrusion, extending throughout many different areas of activity.

To be at best efficient, it is advisable that each installation be preceded by a detailed site survey on available human and material surveillance resources. To warrant the result, CODINE develops continuously his own network of registered installers.

Customer oriented, CODINE’s range of product is continually evolving and adapted to specific needs.
Each year, in order to fulfill any customer’s request, substantial human or material means are dedicated to Research and Development.

As manufacturer, CODINE organizes several one day (or more) training sessions with commercial, technico-commercial or technical orientation depending on the trainees profiles.
The final goal of such sessions is to make new partners able to promote or install CODINE’S close-up solutions correctly.

CODINE uses different ways to help its partners. To guarantee the effectiveness of a solution, it offers efficient product support adapted to each situation or specific need and proposes : hot line, emailing or on site assistance case by case.