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Codine will exhibit at :
SITEM 2023 Fair (Paris) :
from 28 up to 30 march 2023, Carrousel du Louvre - Paris, Stand A10
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The LASER curtain range were still growing !!
To preserve your investment the range becomes scalable !

Codine introduced the smallest LASER sensors on the market for artworks protection !
only 20 mm thick !

Finally a miniature laser detector,
for maximum discretion!

Smaller, more aesthetic, cheaper but just as effective!
it’s all you’ve been waiting for !!

Available in White and Black

december 2 2015 :
Codine won the Trends Business Tour ,
through its innovation and sustainability qualities of the contest themes.
Prize awarded by the business Trends-Tendances magazine


• The sensors of the MICRO-LASERs range create an intangible curtain at the base of the works they supervise.
• INFRARED laser curtain detection.
• Unlike detectors with passive infrared detectors (PIR) and Doppler radars,
• they detect a PRESENCE , not a movement of heat, or moving
• Also they detect either an inert object either the part of an human body.
• In addition, you can stop the curtain where desired, for example if there in a passage that is to be left free.

• The MICRO_LASERS are of particularly compact dimensions ( only 20 mm thick).
• They have a lateral tilting mechanism , for positioning purposes.

• They are available in models for mounting Left and right.

• They are available in white or black models (but may be painted , with the exception of the lens ) , to blend into each decor.

• They can be used to cover a zone freely adjustable.
• Do not require any PC or network to configure or operate
• Fully configurable via a simple secure remote
• They can cover a wide area (to protect a row of paintings for instance) or horizontally, to cover a floor surface and define the limits of crossing.
• They are very low in power consumption (in the order of the Watt!)
• Power supply thru 12v DC, main transformer or via a battery pack (consult us with reference to the battery life needs ), for operation in standalone for a single temporary exhibition day for example.
• Equipped with their deported processing unit , they can bring the same level of flexibility, ergonomics and ease of operation as the MINI-LASER... with greater discretion, provide detection area remain modest (in the order of 4 m max)
• for increased scopes or a double curtain, gantry function or even advanced filter functionality towards models MINI-LASER
• Inhibition via radio remote control or wired .
• Local signaling.
• Transmission Radio signaling alarms to all models of the Range MUSEOGARD Piccolo .
• Management of embedded pre-alarm / alarm .

The "Micro-lasers", are of incomparable price-value, kind of virtual windows, they offer a solution for a protection without compromise: a detection of presence (as opposed to simple movement) which offers a maximal rate of detection , even of inert objects, small dimension, or even abandoned,

The "Micro-Lasers" just like the Mini-Lasers are also capable of detecting graffiti or attempting to spray in their curtains and not only on their lenses and detection !!!
Laser detector for with it can be freely and easily cut out areas of protection by coordinates or learning (and without any PC or network connection needs!), even in front of a window, next to a door, above a heater, or in close proximity to areas. Simply with the help of a simple but secure remote control.

Used horizontally, one can define detection zone and passage areas.
Uncompromising as immunity to false alarms such as slow movements or fast, heat, reflections, dust, and even snow and rain!

Small and with a line very fluid, they are discrete, they are sustainable economic (both to purchase and to use), they can protect horizontally or vertically, in curtain mode
All the electronics of processing, control and signaling (pre-alarm / alarm / memory...), radio communication and de-selection is embedded in the control box linked to the "Micro-Laser"... together the detection system does require only a connection to 12v or 220V with only around 1w of power.

• There are even versions on battery! . (consult us according to the required battery life)

An optional mode of ergonomic fixations in the form of magnetic insole referred to as GECKO *, used to position and redeploy in an instant the "Micro-Laser"

*the term GECKO was chosen in reference to the family of lizard of the same name by his ability to position itself with suction cups on any type of support, even when placed on the ceiling, head down!
•once positioned, even at the top of wall, there is no more need to physically intervene on the equipment , all of those could be set remotely... without wiring... and safe way!

• Within the processing unit box , several embedded configurable tools including filter dust,minimum size detectability, minimum delay before detection (e.g. for filter birds and pests), the duration of pre-alarm / alarm, inhibitions and auxiliary controls, enabling functions / (temporary or permanent) deletion of the sound, management of the outputs...)
• The "Micro-lasers" are available with differentiated remotes (master / slave / setup) of different technologies for maximum security. The "Micro-lasers" are intended to be used "Idiot proof" with an optimal security level for maximum functionality.

• They can be reconfigured quickly and at will even by staff without special ability... and using GECKO with a disconcerting ease!
• Range up to 4M

• for use for the protection of Podiums, a version of box analysis is able to manage 4 Micro-lasers, optimizing the functionality and the cost of the solution