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Codine will exhibit at :
SITEM 2023 Fair (Paris) :
from 28 up to 30 march 2023, Carrousel du Louvre - Paris, Stand A10
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The LASER curtain range were still growing !!
To preserve your investment the range becomes scalable !

Codine introduced the smallest LASER sensors on the market for artworks protection !
only 20 mm thick !

Finally a miniature laser detector,
for maximum discretion!

Smaller, more aesthetic, cheaper but just as effective!
it’s all you’ve been waiting for !!

Available in White and Black

december 2 2015 :
Codine won the Trends Business Tour ,
through its innovation and sustainability qualities of the contest themes.
Prize awarded by the business Trends-Tendances magazine

Distance Variation

• The detectors from the INFRA range detect the change in position of the artworks and violations to their integrity.
• Triangulation infra-red detection
• Unlike the seismic sensors and accelerometers, they require NO CONTACT WITH THE ARTWORK

INFRAspot :
Triangulation infra-red detection
INFRAspot Codine D.R.O.

Triangulation infra-red detection with embedded sounder
The detectors from the INFRA range can either be positioned vertically or horizontally, be fixed on the wall located at the back of the artwork or at the back of the work, or even attached to the hanging rod.

The detectors from the INFRA range are availlable in six different variants according to use :
with or without embedded sounder, with or without RF transmission & with or without magnetic support for fixing.

INFRA-spot : silent alert , with RF alarm transmission, compatible with all the MUSEOGARD alarm control boxes (Pic-micro, PLV3, PLV4, Piccolo...)
BUZINFRA-spot : as the INFRA-magnet-spot but with embedded sounder .
BUZINFRA : stand-alone detector with embedded sounder only, without transmission.

INFRA-magnet-spot : with incorporated magnetic fixing support, silent alert, with RF alarm transmission, compatible with all the MUSEOGARD alarm control boxes (Pic-micro, PLV3, PLV4, Piccolo...)
BUZINFRA-magnet-spot : with incorporated magnetic fixing support, & RF alarm transmission as the INFRA-magnet-spot but with also embedded local sounder .
BUZINFRA-magnet : stand-alone detector with incorporated magnetic fixing support. Embedded sounder only, without RF alarm transmission.


BUZINFRA-magnet-spot & INFRA-magnet-spot: detection by INFRA-RED triangulation, with or without embedded local sounder & magnetic fixing support.
• Protect pictures and paintings suspended by magnetic rods (soft iron)
• Without any contact with the work nor the wall.
• Hyper easy attachment with integrated magnetic fixing support.
• Insensitive to structural vibrations or due to air currents !!
• No adjustments needed!

• No more laborious nuisance alerts and settings , the family of INFRA-magnet is the solution without compromise to protect your collections.

The BUZINFRA-magnet & BUZINFRA-magnet
allow , as the TILT detector 26 , autonomously detect the removal of the artworks . TILT allows earlier detection , but reacts based on a seismic sensor , which limits their use on floors or locations subject to structural vibrations (underground passage for example).

The range of INFRA-magnet detectors are very small footprint, just the thickness of the hanging rod on which they are fixed (without any contact with the work) thus avoiding any deterioration linked to the fixing!

The integrated magnetic fixing support also allows to fix the detectors on the magnetic walls planes the most various, horizontally, vertically or perpendicular to the choice.

For those who will remind us, magnetic fastening of Codine detectors is far from new and was already included part of seismic detectors TILT 8, ancestors of the current 26 TILT, at the beginning of the 2000s.