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Codine will exhibit at :
SITEM 2023 Fair (Paris) :
from 28 up to 30 march 2023, Carrousel du Louvre - Paris, Stand A10
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The LASER curtain range were still growing !!
To preserve your investment the range becomes scalable !

Codine introduced the smallest LASER sensors on the market for artworks protection !
only 20 mm thick !

Finally a miniature laser detector,
for maximum discretion!

Smaller, more aesthetic, cheaper but just as effective!
it’s all you’ve been waiting for !!

Available in White and Black

december 2 2015 :
Codine won the Trends Business Tour ,
through its innovation and sustainability qualities of the contest themes.
Prize awarded by the business Trends-Tendances magazine

3D (Three-dimensional Protection)

Since more than 30 years, CODINE uses electromagnetic technology to produce a discreet, invisible field around valuable to be protected. Immediate warning of contact is given and early warning should someone or something merely get close to the object. Such a technique also encourages the public to assist in preventing further contact by the offender.

Interactive detection by a non-physical cocoon is a concept that has been created, developed and marketed by CODINE. Its origins lie in chaos theory and the behaviour of electromagnetic waves. The objects to be protected, with or without artificial extensions (antennae), contain conducting molecules and are themselves used as a guide to create an invisible, non-physical protective cocoon.

Cocon détecteur Détection Rapprochée Codine
This cocoon, which detects intrusions, establishes a protected space to a pre-determined depth, which envelops the valuable object, hugging its contours exactly and uniformly, whatever its position.

Any attempt to penetrate within the protective cocoon by a body of sufficient mass will be automatically analysed and detected.

In the range of 3-dimensional sensing devices it is also noted the "virtual cage". In this case also it is possible to create a pre-alarm zone followed by a zone alarm (two detection thresholds).

Virtual cages can be different sizes between 0 and 2.5m side.

Detection by Virtual Pyramids provides insight into audience behavior, targeting only real excesses, when the group of visitors is close to the works to protect.
Pyramids as large as 25m by 25m are feasible

Various equipment providing protection 3D (sometimes in combination of several sensors for laser curtains) are listed below:


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